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A trajectory of success of Avivar Alimentos, established in 1999, was built from the dream of a family in the city of São Sebastião do Oeste, located in the midwest region of Minas Gerais State. The brand, which has become a food national reference, has a mix which includes more than 60 products among frozen and fresh chicken besides many others processed foods. Supported by an efficient logistic planning, Avivar distributes its products throughout the country and also abroad, always leading quality, taste and nutrition for the customers well being worldwide.

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Avivar Alimentos domains all verticalizated poultry production process chain, composed by Hatchery, Breeding House, Feed Mill Plant and Poultry process Plant, to ensure reliability and safety to all productive process of the company.

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To ensure the final product quality, a professional team is dedicated to monitor constantly the Quality control. Composed by 18 processes, the Quality Control Program, covers all productive processes, since the suppliers selection, raw materials receiving, storage and transportation of the products. All processes are researched and tested daily and guarantee the Brazilian Ministry of  Agriculture (MAPA), Health Surveillance (ANVISA)  and Federal Inspection Service (SIF) norms.



Avivar Alimentos pratices its management based on ethics relationship with its suppliers, workers, partners, consumers distributors, costumers and society. The company always seeks a sustainable development, by means of the environmental, social and cultural resources preservation. Due to its environment commitment programs and sustainable policies, Avivar Alimentos supports environmental and social projects in partnership with third sector organizations.


The Avivar Alimentos has a mix of 60 products, frozen cuts such as breast, thigh, drumstick, inner fillet, wing, heart, gizzard, liver and whole chicken. The company also works with processed foods, like sausages,hot dog, mortadela, chicken parts, shredded breast fillet, pepperoni, BBQ sausages and chicken snacks. In 2013, Avivar started the project of diversification of own brand products and launched the ready-to-cook line of Pastas and also typical frozen cheese bread.

In 2014, the Avivar Alimentos got approval to export from the Ministry of Agriculture and from the Federal Inspection System (SIF 960). The document authorizes Avivar exports poultry meat “in natura” to Asian countries such as Africa, UAE, Hong Kong, Yemen, Iran and Japan. Since the international market was open, the company began expanding the business toward the international market and therefore attending the constantly higher food demand in the world.

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The Avivar Alimentos performs its management based on ethic relationship with its employees, customers, partners, suppliers, consumers and community. In search for a sustainable development, Avivar Alimentos practices its quality programs standardized by certifications of regulatory organizations in Brazil and abroad, ensuring the effective conservation of environmental, social and cultural resources.selo

A dream was born
At the first year, Avivar Foods doubles your production capacity
Entry of the Second generation in Avivar Foods
Avivar Foods release the first process food with brand
Avivar Foods beginnning a partnership with na International NGO International Junior Achievement.
Avivar Food launch your first web site
Avivar Foods completes 10 years since your founded
Avivar Foods launch your Premium chicken “Viva Fest” for special dates
Avivar Foods receives “Destaque Brasileiro em Meio Ambiente” award, for the Instituto Biosfera.
Avivar Foods opens it´s first Distribuition Center in Belo Horizonte/MG
Avivar Foods restyled your brand
Avivar Foods launch your first Pasta Line product: Typical cheese bread
Avivar Foods complete 15 years.
Avivar foods receives an authorization from Ministery of Agriculture, for beginning exportation process.

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Povoado dos Teixeiras, s/nº | Zona Rural - City: São Sebastião do Oeste State:
Minas Gerais - Brazil
Zip Code: 35.567-000


+55 37 3286-2000
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